Spring car tips for New Jersey drivers

In the greater Rockaway, NJ area, keeping your vehicle in pristine condition when we have long winters is a difficult task. That's why regular maintenance is key, and there is no better season than spring to start fresh and clean up your car to prolong it's life.

Of course, when you know it's time to trade up, you can stop by John Johnson Select Used Cars for a reliable pre-owned model from Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, and more popular automakers; however, if you're looking for do-it-yourself spring cleaning home remedies, here's a few items you can check off your list:

1. Rotate your tires. Your winter set will wear down quickly after the snow melts, and you should have an alternate set of tires for the warmer seasons to extend the life of both sets of tires.

2. Wash your car inside and out. Clean your undercarriage to get rid of corrosive winter salt, and vacuum your interior to get rid of winter debris and reduce your exposure to seasonal allergens. 

3. Listen to your brakes. Road salt can build up on your brakes and cause them to be less responsive. If that's the case, or you hear grinding, chattering, or squeaking, bring them to your preferred service center for special attention.

4. Check your fluids, including antifreeze/coolant, engine oil, transmission fluid, power-steering, and brake fluid, to make sure their at an adequate level.

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