It's the future. Cops can already detect if you're speeding by using lasers, and now it looks like they might be able to detect if you're driving drunk!

Last year, a team of Polish scientists figured out a better way to bust you if you're driving back from the bar when you should've gotten a ride.

Normally, you would only get pulled over if you were caught swaying in the lane or driving abnormally. What these scientists figured out, however, is how to use a process called "stand-off detection" to read the chemical composition of the air in your car.

If it detects elevated alcohol vapors, a cop can find you, and pull you over.

Will this ever be put into practice in the United States? Maybe. No word yet on its implementation, but there are obvious risks and benefits. Drunk drivers kill, on average, 10,000 people and injure 60,000 more every year. On the other hand, collecting data on the chemical composition of your car feels like unreasonable search and privacy invasion.

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