You don't always have to fear high-mileage vehicles!

At John Johnson Select Used Cars we see a wide variety of shoppers coming in looking for a used vehicle to bring home. They may be teens shopping for a budget car, families looking for a second vehicle, auto enthusiasts eager to get a ride to tinker with, or buyers looking for a luxury model at a lower cost.

One thing a lot of people look at with a used vehicle is mileage, and if they want to drive their car for many years it's understandable to see why they may be avoiding selections with high numbers on the odometer. However, high mileage is sometimes a "good" thing.

One reason, and this can be especially true with cars that have more recent model years, is that there is a good chance the vehicle was driven by someone who had to travel a lot for their job. High miles are often indicative of highway driving which is also easier on a car than city driving. So, while buying the 50K car may seem like a no-brainer, knowing the history is important, because the previous driver could have been using it for a little race car!

Thankfully, our vehicles come with CarFax reports and we also highlight vehicles that have only had one owner, which is also a big selling point.

For more information on any of our vehicles or financing, stop in and see us today! We're located in Rockaway, NJ and look forward to exceeding your expectations and helping you find the car of your dreams!

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