Have you ever tried taking the perfect picture of your car? It’s more of a science than you would think, especially if you’re using that picture to try and attract potential buyers. Lighting is extremely important, so that the car doesn’t look washed out and the buyer can see all of the important angles features of the vehicle. The best time of day to take pictures would be right when the sun is rising or setting. This allows for the right amount of light exposure, without it being too harsh. Cloudy mornings are also a good time to get these pictures done, as long as there is some sunlight still peaking through! Make sure to use a decent camera that won’t be putting out grainy, blurry photos that no one can see. If you’re using a smartphone that was made in the last couple of years, such as an iPhone 4, 5 or 6, or any of the newer Samsung Galaxy models then you should be fine, but if you’re snapping shots with a Blackberry then I would recommend using a small digital camera instead if you have one, the quality will be infinitely better. You need to get pictures of all of the important angles and features of the car, so the most appropriate technique would be to walk in a circle around the vehicle and capture every angle. Front, back and side profiles are all extremely important, as well as the wheels and interior. All features of the vehicle should be photographed so that the buyer can get the best possible idea of what they’re shopping for. Any wear and tear or damage to the vehicle should be documented as well; there’s no point hiding it! Rather than leaving it to be found when someone comes to look at the car, be very open about anything that’s wrong with the vehicle so that the buyer knows you are a trustworthy person to do business with. The best place to shoot the pictures is in an open space, where the car can be the main focal point of the photo. One car among a crowded parking lot will not have the same effect as one lone vehicle, catching the eye in an open field, a beach or an empty urban setting. With this knowledge in hand, go forth, and take amazing shots of your vehicles! And if you do think you have a great shot of your Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or Ram, post it on our Facebook wall as a part of our Fan Base Appreciation! 

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