Jeff Siegel, our Sales Manager at John Johnson Select Used Cars in Rockaway, is an extremely interesting man. He was selling cars way before I was born; he started in 1983. Before that he was in service and parts for five years! His dad owned a Chrysler and Plymouth dealership in Roxbury, where Jeff got his start. When his dad eventually sold the dealership, Jeff found himself a new job, with our own John Johnson Automotive Group. He’s worked in all three locations; eight years in Budd Lake, a year and a half at Boonton, and he’s coming up on a year here in Rockaway. His son is a bass guitar player and tour manager for Jacob Whitesides, an up and coming young artist who is taking social media by storm. He has worked with Chrysler for his entire life, so it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about their cars. Jeff told me about the philosophy behind our store here in Rockaway. Since we are a used lot, we carry every make and model, not just Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram. The inventory here only stays for about two weeks, before it is sent to the wholesale auctions. This means that the cars here are selling for about as cheap as you’ll find anywhere. The public has a golden opportunity to get cars at wholesale prices before they’re gone for good! We also speak Spanish, but great deals are a universal language! We also have a detail shop on sight, which is open to the public, not just our own service department. John Johnson Select has been around for a long time, and thanks the people of Rockaway, Dover, and the surrounding areas for their continued support! 

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