We’ve all seen the commercials for CarFax, the vehicle history service, but how many times have you actually asked a car dealership to show you the CarFax? It’s a lot more important than you think! For starters, it lets you know how many owners the car has had, the service history, if the car you’re looking at has been in a major accident, has had its airbags deployed before, or has had the odometer rolled back, meaning the mileage reading is incorrect. Beyond that, it lets you know if the car is still under warranty, and estimates how much protection the car still has under the manufacturer’s warranty, which is vital information to have! Safety and reliability ratings from multiple organizations will be included, from a variety of tests, including the Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and JD Power and Associates. These ratings and informative tests will ultimately tell you if the vehicle is safe enough to risk putting the money into. The CarFax will also state whether there is a buy back guarantee, of which there isn’t always. A buy back guarantee is only presented to those cars who pass CarFax’s title, odometer, and “lemon law” tests. So you see, all of this information can only be found in a CarFax report! Don’t deprive yourself of such a valuable tool, especially when it’s as easy as saying “show me the CarFax!” 

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