Are you planning a summer vacation?

Are you undecided if you are going to drive or fly?

Here are some things to think about that may help make that decision easier...

While weighing the relative costs of driving and flying is wise, it's important to think about the kind of trip you want. If playing the slots in Las Vegas is your only vacation goal, a cheap flight may be more appealing than a long drive through the desert. On the other hand, travelers who enjoy meandering along country roads and stopping at whatever catches their eye may prefer to get behind the wheel.

Additionally, the number of people in your group can help decide how to get where you're going. Single travelers may choose to purchase a plane ticket for even a short-haul trip, since they'll only be paying for themselves, and would be otherwise forced to do all of the driving on their own. Larger groups have the advantage of sharing both the driving and the costs, however, as they can all pile into one car and split the fuel costs evenly. Likewise, families may opt for a road trip over the purchase of multiple plane tickets paid entirely by mom and dad.

For those not interested in either hitting the highway or the friendly skies, buses and trains can be both affordable and efficient. Led by Greyhound, the U.S. has a large network of bus lines, and fares can be extremely low, depending on the route. Riding the rails is an alternative that usually offers the passenger more space than bus travel, though costs may be somewhat higher. See Amtrak to buy tickets or find more information on seeing America by train.

Unless you walk, bike, or swim to your next vacation destination, gas prices will likely be a factor. Remember to think about your budget and desired travel experience, and you can make the most of your trip without paying too much at the pump.



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