Toyota makes some of the most reliable vehicles on the road, well into high mileage. But how durable are they, really? Top Gear's hosts aim to find out, by whatever means necessary.

Would you expect your car to survive being plunged into salt water? Probably not, especially when you add the corrosive effect of sand. However, this used Toyota truck does.

Or, at least it starts up again with a little bit of WD-40.

It also survives crashes, fires, and a slew of wild stunts designed to test the vehicle's limits.

We would never recommend you treat a car this way, unless you're filming a zany stunt show. But we find that the takeaway is; with a used Toyota, you won't be worried about a sudden break down. With just a little maintenance and repair, even an older car can keep going in even the harshest circumstances.

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